Beyonce just gave Twitter its recent obsession after she shared her first ever picture after giving birth to her lovely twins Sir Carter and Rumi. Both of her kids are exactly a month old and this picture suffice that even after her pregnancy this diva looks divine.

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The picture is pleasing to eyes and she looks as graceful as ever with her cute little toddlers. Well, now Twitter can’t let it go that easily and went insanely dramatic after looking at her picture.

Here is how twitterati reacted to the first ever picture of Beyonce post her pregnancy.

1. Much Love For Beyonce!

2. Aww!

3. Respect. Indeed!

4. Well, Message Delivered!

5. Time For Fitness Goals May Be?

6. Ah! She Wanted You To Bless Her Twins Before You Do That!

7. People Do!

8. That’s How Much Every One Loves Her!

9. Isn’t This The Best Thing That Happened?

10. We All Do!

11. She Was Probably Wishing You A Good Night!

12. Well, What More Can You Wish For?

13. She Indeed Is!

14. Look At That!

Well, all of them were really sweet and adorable but this one tweet was the most important of all as after reading this you will know that President Donald Trump just lost the importance of his birthday to Beyonce’s twins.

15. Sorry Mr. Trump You Lost To Her Kids!

Beyonce’s love for nature in enthralling and we wish health and happiness to her and her cuter than ever twins.

14 July 2017
Avni S. Singh