These 10 Health Benefits Of Onions Will Blow Your Mind

At times I do feel that Onion is the most underrated addition to our day-to-day food life. You won’t feel its presence until and unless it’s not there.

Apart from North India, many other parts of the country have a very specific kind of relationship with this vegetable. While some don’t eat it at all, there are some who simply add it to the side of snacks and street food. As for us North Indians, onions are present everywhere, from salad to street food.

Many also say that onions are the powerhouse of nutrients and important for good health. No matter how much tears are devoted to onions, I’m used to having them from summer to winter. Today, I decided to bring out some of the health benefits of onion on our body and health, because a majority of the time we often exclude them from our diets over the fear of bad breath.

Source: Terroir Seeds
Source: Terroir Seeds

Here are 10 of the health benefits of Onions:

1. Onions are said to be a great food ingredient for diabetics as it controls sugar levels in the blood and also increases insulin in the body.

2. Onions are said to cure insomnia and also helps you in having a good night sleep.

3. Onions can be used to treat brittle nails and prevent excessive hair loss, plus maintains healthy skin.

4. Raw onions increase the production of HDL which is good cholesterol and it keeps you healthy. In short, say goodbye to Bad Cholesterol with the consumption of raw onions.

5. Consuming raw onions is a good bet for gaining a good memory as well as achieving strong nervous system.

6. Head, colon and neck cancer can be prevented by consuming onion.

7. Keep a small piece of onion under your nostril and inhale, this is one of the best steps to use in order to slow down or stop nose bleeding.

8. Chewing raw gum does have a beneficial use which is far more beneficial to let go over the threat of bad stinking breath. It helps in eliminating bacteria from the mouth, which leads to gum disease and tooth decay.

9. Onion can actually cure fever, allergies, common cold and many other such diseases.

10. Onion juice is said to treat insect bite, bee bite and even burnt skin. It might burn more initially, however, it eventually starts working its magic and cure issues like these with no fuss.

All these benefits and little nick-nacks make Onion one of the most trustworthy vegetable in your kitchen to treat your medical issues. Who knew that onion is full of so many good and healthy properties? Try them out and make yourself a promise of including onion in your daily consumption for a healthy and fun lifestyle.

14th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla