Triple Talaq Has Been Declared Illegal And Twitter Is Oozing With Power And Happiness!

22 August 2017 will remain one of the most important dates in Indian history as Supreme Court today has declared that the practice of triple talaq or instant divorce by uttering talaq (divorce) three times as illegal and sinful. The decision was taken by a Supreme Court bench of five senior-most judges, who are from major and different faiths – Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism.

Although two of the 5 judges were against demolishing the evil practice but with the majority vote of remaining 3 judges, the Supreme court declared it sinful, unworthy and illegal practice. This judgment has been taken in response to the petitions filed by 7 Muslim women who are the victims of Triple Talaq.
As soon as the news broke that the horrible practice has been legally demolished, the whole country started expressing happiness on various social media handle. We all know that twitter never leaves a single issue that needs to be discussed and when it’s a topic that is related to women empowerment, it couldn’t just hold back.











People have united on twitter and expressed their contentment.

Although, Supreme Court has put a stay on Triple Talaq and has given the time of 6 months to Parliament and government to bring a law to end this practise, but it’s a huge step in women’s welfare as well as in empowerment. With this decision, Muslim women will have their fundamental rights.

22 August 2017
Avni S. Singh