PM Narendra Modi was recently at the 9th BRICS Summit in China’s Xiamen, that’s no news but twitter has made no stone unturned to make this go viral today. Why?

Well, of course being the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was one of the important people there and photographers clicked every frame of him that was possible for them. Among all the other shots, there was a particular click, which shows PM Modi listening to a speech during the Dialogue of Emerging Market and Developing Countries. Now what’s so special about it?
Umm! The picture of Modi looks like he has his mind somewhere else than the existing place ( We don’t know what was he thinking), and twitter took this opportunity to cook the most hilarious memes that we could ever imagine.

We know that Twitterati are always in search of such image or topic where they can unleash their inner creative beast.

Here Are Some Of The Best Of Those Memes!

1. Planning Always!

2. I Can Totally Relate To It!

3. LMAO!

4. iPhone Launch Pressure!

5. Burnt!

6. I am Superman Mitro!

7. Got It, Huh?

8. Shaktimaan!

9. Dilemma!

10. Scared Much?

11. Buhuhuhu!

12. Travel Goals!

We should be Aware Of These Super Wicked People, They Can Make People Laugh Their Guts Out!

No Hard Feelings MODI JI!
12 September 2017
Avni S. Singh