Virat Kohli has always been adorable with kids and Ziva (M. S. Dhoni’s daughter) is the definition of cuteness. Now imagine both of them together, sounds like a cudlicious-cuteious-munchkin-cupcake-googly-woogly combo right? We can’t help calling all these names and so won’t you. Virat surely knows how to play the coolest uncle for Dhoni’s little angel.

Last year, Virat clicked a chocolate-box selfie with little Ziva that made us go Awww! And now, Virat has uploaded a video of him and little Dhoni together and we just can’t stop watching it.

Of course, the selfie made the round last year, here see how cutie-pie Ziva is looking with Kohli.

Baby zeeva using my phone and knowing how to handle it. Haha too cute and adorable. Kids are just unbelievable to be around. You literally switch off from everything looking at their innocence. Love it

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Now, Ziva is a year older and she does the cutesy conversations in her sweet adorable voice and guess what? Uncle Virat was as adorable as her.



My reunion with Ziva. What a blessing it is to be around pure innocence ❤


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Aren’t they too charming? Well, we are sure Ziva is a smart child considering she guessed who screamed “MEOW”  and Virat like always was too caring and his usual funny self.
It wasn’t the first time when Virat was too good with a kid. A few months back Mohammed Shami shared a video in which Virat Kohli and his daughter, Aairah shook a leg at Lou Bega’s hit “I got a girl”. They both look adorable together.

Well, Virat for sure doesn’t have to worry about his parenting skills as he is doing an excellent job already.

9 October 2017
Avni S. Singh
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