7 Awesome Ted Talks That Will Change Your Life For Good!

7 Awesome Ted Talks That You Should Watch!

Ever since I watched my first Ted talk video, I am a regular visitor of there website. It is just so fascinating that you can find the answers of questions that are been raised by your mind every now and then, and that too by experts. Ted talks not only widens the sphere your imaginations but also changes your approach towards life. From science and technology, to human emotions and social issues, people who have researched and dedicated an important part of their life on a single topic provide you such insights that you are bound to left mind blown.

As humans it feels to know that we are not alone. It feels satisfying to know that people are looking for some answers for the same questions that keep troubling you. Hearing someone talk about the same that too with facts and figures is not only convincing but also inspiring.

If you are looking for motivation in your life right now then here are 7 Ted Talks that you shouldn’t miss as they can literally change your life.

1. Dan Gilbert: Why We Make Bad Decisions

Dan Gilbert who is a Harvard psychologist shared the results of his research and experiments in a Q&A sessions with the audience. He brilliantly explained things that lead to people’s unhappiness. This Ted Talk reveals the effect of expectations and temporary satisfaction as well as their impact on your future.

2. Cameron Russell: Looks Aren’t everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model

Cameron Russell who herself is a model and has worked with big brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Chanel, encourages people to believe that looks aren’t everything in life. In fact, she explains that how our perceived appearances and failures ruin the chances of living the better life.

3. Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy is an American social psychologist, author and lecturer, who explains how to overcome the feelings of not belonging. She explains how we can get hold on to the power of ‘Faking it until you become it.’

4. Brene Brown: The Power Of Vulnerability

The American author and public speaker explains how being vulnerable could be the most powerful tool for living life at its best. Brene Brown explains that the fear of opening up is completely natural but as soon as we let it go, it can connect us with others in the most amazing way.

5. Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce

The author of tipping point makes a connection between food industry’s pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce to the we find happiness in our lives. He explains how embracing a larger subset in food and people open the door of happiness for us.

6. Daniel Kahneman: The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory

Daniel Kahneman, the founder of behavioral economics talks about self awareness and how to broaden it on everyday basis. He explains the perception in past memory and current experiences. He has discussed some of the most astonishing insights and if you could understand the meaning you will never look at life the same way.

7. Andrew Solomon: Love, No Matter What

The writer who covers politics, culture and psychology addresses that problem of people clinging on the the life they have. He has explained that people don’t want to be cured, or changed or eliminated. It’s an extremely moving talk.

These 7 Ted Talks will either inspire you or motivate you or it could be possible that you will be so overwhelmed that you will have a feel-good-cry. TED — which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design has more than 1,400 TED talks available online . In case these weren’t enough for you.

( Videos Courtesy: TED )

14 July 2017
Avni S. Singh